Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Will it stain my sidings? No.

Is there an odor after treatment? No there is no smell of any kind of chemical odor.

Consultation and Estimates

Does it cost me anything to meet with a BugMeisters North professional?

No! You can arrange for a free consultation and estimate with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. If you decided to have service, we will put you on the route. We generally do not have specific scheduled appointments. We try to treat your house along with others in the area at the same time. 

Who can benefit from a BugMeisters North treatment?

Anybody with a Mosquito, Tick, Bee, or Bug problem. Our Perimeter Protection sprays are especially beneficial for Backyards, Homes, Cabins, Business, Campsites, Vacation Property, and for Special Events.

How does the product work to kill the bugs?

Mosquitoes, ticks & other bugs will touch the product that we applied. Once they have touched it, when they attempt to clean themselves or feed on plant material, they ingest the product & the rest is history. No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito, tick or insect. As you might imagine, a mosquito from a neighboring property could wander or fly into your yard and bite you before landing on the treated surface. However, you’ll find that the presence of mosquitoes and ticks and insects is enormously reduced.

Do I need to be home for Service?

No, we will leave an invoice and business card letting you know service was done. You can mail in the payment to us at your convenience to BugMeisters North, P.O. Box 885, Moose Lake, MN 55767

We are always happy to try and accommodate our customers, so if you have special circumstances such as construction, painting, pets or window washing etc., we will do our best to schedule a time, or give you a courtesy call the evening before. We always keep a close eye on the weather. We never want to spray on rain days. 

Is it safe for Pets and Children?

Yes, we tell all our customers to keep the kids and pets off the treatment until dry. It dries quickly in an hour or so. After that there is no reason to be concerned.

Can I just get a one-time treatment for a special outdoor party?

Yes, we offer Special Event Spraying for everything from a small backyard birthday party, graduation party, to a large wedding reception. Special event treatment is provided 24-48 hours before the event and will remain effective even if it rains.